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Los Angeles Mission Paralegal Studies Program (since 1987) - http://lamission.edu/law


Our Paralegal Program at Mission College has been graduating paralegals for 20 years since 1987, and we have graduated in excess of five hundred paralegals. We have an excellent program with great faculty and curriculum to train your paralegals (1), and a really great program director - Prof J. (see his bio at http://lamission.edu/law/jordan/bio.htm)


We cover both the academic theory and practice with the state judicial council forms. (2)


Your paralegals can complete our 12 law classes in the evening over 4 semesters (3), and classes cost $20 per unit for a total cost of $720 (4) - "pay as you go" and $350 for textbooks (5).


We are located in Sylmar, California (6) off of the 210 freeway - at Hubbard.


Our students are very enthusiastic about our program, and here is what they say. (7)

There are many reasons why a paralegal should choose our program (8)


Please send us your paralegals to get trained, or contact us if you need a good paralegal. If you have any questions please contact the Director of the Program, Prof. David Jordan at 818-415-2015 (cell) or email him at jordandc@lamission.edu or abogado@pacbell.net


We look forward to serving you and your law firms needs.


Prof J.



reference links

1. certificate - http://lamission.edu/law/certificate

2. course descriptions - http://www.lamission.edu/disciplines/law.html

3. http://abogado.pbwiki.com/teaching-on-campus

4. costs and fees - http://www.laccd.edu/lacolleges/admissions/fees.htm

5. textbooks - http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks/

6. Sylmar, California - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylmar,_Los_Angeles,_California

7. student comments - http://profj.us/online/comments.htm

8. why choose our program? - http://missionparalegal.com/whyus.htm




David Jordan, Esq. - Attorney at Law - Director Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program

13356 Eldridge Ave, Sylmar, Ca 91342-3200

cell phone = 818-415-2015, school = 818-364-7720

home law page - http://lamission.edu/law

Chair of Staff Development - http://lamission.edu/staffdev

Chair of Distance Education - http://lamission.edu/de

Interim Chair of Technology - http://lamission.edu/technology

aka "desktop dave" - http://profj.us/desktop

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