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Dear David Jordan:


Thank you for your recent order. Below you will find a summary of the products and services ordered for your account (LoginID = djabogado):


Type Qty ExtAmt Description / Status


Renewal 3 $45.00 lamission.org / Successful


TOTAL BILLED: $45.00 USD to your reseller account



Thanks again for using us for your online services. If you have any questions regarding this order please visit our support center on our web site.



Register.com Inc.


lamission.org Push Confirmation


"United Online Web Services"


Sun, 27 Aug 2006 16:51:16 -0700




Dear Doug McFerran,


lamission.org was pushed from your account dmcf to djabogado:


This push was completed on 2006-08-27 16:51:16.457 PST. Please keep this email for your records.



United Online Web Services


Thank you for your order!

Your order reference number is 169677665.

Your order is not complete until it has a "successful" status.

To view the details and/or status of this order please click here or go to MY ACCOUNT, REPORTS, Category/View Orders.

Welcome to the Los Angeles Mission College Domain Name Transfer/Renewal Interface.

This universal interface is intended for the use of domain name contacts in approving or rejecting a domain name renewal/transfer (ICANN registrar) requests.

Transfer Information


Attention: Doug McFerran

Re: Transfer of lamission.org on 8/27/2006 11:28:21 AM for us to become the new registrar of record.


You have received this message because you are listed as the Registered Name Holder or Administrative contact for this domain name in the WHOIS database.


Please read the following important information about transferring your domain name:


* You must agree to enter into a new Registration Agreement with us. You can review the full terms and conditions of the Agreement at this link.

* Once you have entered into the Agreement, the transfer will take place within five (5) calendar days unless the current registrar of record denies the request.

* Once a transfer takes place, you will not be able to transfer to another registrar for 60 days, apart from a transfer back to the original registrar,in cases where both registrars so agree or where a decision in the dispute resolution process so directs.




If you WISH TO PROCEED with the transfer, you must respond to this message via the following method (note if you do not respond by 9/3/2006 11:38:06 AM, lamission.org will not be transferred to us.).



Approval Information


I Approve - Please renew/transfer lamission.org. I am one of the contacts currently listed for this domain name and I have the authority to approve this request. By approving I agree to all terms and conditions. (Your computer's IP,, will be recorded as part of your response.)


I Reject - Please do nothing. I am one of the contacts currently listed for this domain name and I have the authority to reject this request. (Your computer's IP,, will be recorded as part of your response.)


If you have any questions about this process, please contact abogado@pacbell.net

Dear David Jordan,


We have received and processed an account refill request for account loginid 'djabogado'.


Reference No: 181387424

Amount Deposited: $100.00

Date: Aug 27 2006 11:36AM PST

Billed To: VISA ************8867


The funds have been deposited to your account and are immediately reflected in your account available balance. Thank you for using our domain name registration and services.




Rconnection Master Account

Status for order #: 32776799

Date Created: 8/27/2006 11:28:21 AM

Overall Order Status: Processing


Cancel This Order



Description of status field below:

Domain name transfer completed successfully

We are currently processing this domain name

Action by you is required. Click here for help.

Transfer was canceled.



Domain Name Current Status

lamission.org Awaiting auto verification of transfer request

EPP Code = 91935153363C992E for lamission.org from Doug McFerran

Thank you for upgrading your subscription to your new level. We are confident that you will enjoy the added benefits.


Main Menu


The Main Menu is the administrative portal for your account. From the Main Menu, you can manage your subscription, build your site, and manage your billing information.


Customer Service


If you are new to our services, you will find that we are always ready to help. Whether you are new to hosting or an experienced web master, we are available to answer your questions. We have a variety of support options available to you. For further details on your support options log in to your Main Menu by clicking here.


24 Hour Phone Support, Mon-Fri.

US Toll-Free Number: 1-800-396-1999

International Number: 1-801-437-6100




Customer Service

Your Order Receipt

Service Description Term Period Price Actual Charge

Balance Due



Starter Hosting Starter web hosting package with upgraded features and storage. 1 Year ($3.95/Month)

08/27/06 to 08/27/07



Setup Setup and processing fee One-time





Payment Type

Pay by Credit Card

Payment Type: Credit Card

Credit Card: VISA

Card Number: ************8867

Expiration Date: 03/2008

EPP security code

How can I find the EPP code for my domain name?


In order to obtain the EPP/Authorization Key for your domain name please follow the steps outlined below:


1. Log into your reseller account at http://rconnection.com with your existing username and password.

2. Click on the ‘my domains’ link on the left hand navigation bar.

3. Click the domain name that you need to retrieve the EPP key for.

4. On the next page scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘contact/whois’ information page in the ‘Utilities’ section.

5. Once the next page loads scroll down to the very bottom of the page to the ‘Authorization Info (EPP Key)’ section to obtain the EPP key.



I want to thank you personally for enrolling in our new TPP Direct partner program. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your company!


Below are some important details that will help get the most out of this partnership. Please review and follow up with me if you have any questions at all:





  • RX

We created the RX reseller program to offer fully functional, private labeled registration capabilities without the time-consuming, expensive set-up process. It is a custom-built registration site that you control and we maintain.


  • Fast set-up

The fully automated RX set-up process takes approximately 10 minutes and requires zero programming or software installation. (Our expert support team is always standing by 24/7 in case you need a hand.) You'll name your site, upload your logo, customize your messaging, choose your color scheme, layout, product selection, and prices and begin earning registration revenue almost immediately.


Your account can be accessed at www.rcomexpress.com

Your user name and password is:

User Name: djabogado

Password: djatty


Once you have logged in, you can easily change your password by clicking on the "Edit Contact" link in the left-hand navigation bar.


To create your RX website, simply:

-Click resellers (left hand navigation bar)

-Click rcomexpress (left hand navigation bar)

-Click sign up (top navigation bar)-- complete the account set up process

  • No-hassle operations

We make running your registration site as easy as launching it. We'll provide credit card processing, automated account management tools, customer support, and real-time status reports so you can stay focused on your business while we support your registration site.


Please feel free to contact our Support Center by email at partnersupport@register.com or by phone at (902) 749.2775 with additional questions. Again, I look forward to a long, successful partnership with you.


  • Incredible value proposition

Our RX program lets you offer unsurpassed value with each registration you sell. Your customers can use free software to build and launch template-driven Web sites, create up to 100 email addresses, park or forward their names and manage their accounts through a convenient, secure Web interface.


  • Expert support

As an RX partner, you can depend on our expert support team to assist you 24/7 from set-up onward. Your dedicated account representative can walk you through every aspect of registration and portfolio management and help you leverage Register.com's vast experience in the domain name industry.


Thank You.


Global Partner Network

Register.com, Inc.

phone: 1(866)883-2625


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