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Please carefully read all the information at , and - Syllabus-General for all of our law classes - All of our online paralegal students are responsible for the information and instructions at these three websites.

We all learn things in different manners. Take the VARK survey ( a guide to learning styles)  to see how you learn, and methods to enhance and improve your learning.  


Read information and watch etudes tutorial -

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Our online law classes are Asynchronous-Paced Online Courses. This means you can read the material, and do the exercises at any time during the week, but you must meet the weekly deadlines for Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests. Please note, we do not accept late work,  so plan your time accordingly. Please print out the duedates for each class to make sure you complete your class work "on time" . The course is run through a program, called Etudes - read more about etudes at 


The class is scheduled to run from Monday to Sunday.  All your class work is due on Sunday evening by 11:55 pm, giving you essentially a week to do each section. This means you can work at your own pace to complete all of the work.  The deadlines for work are found at "duedates" and also under your moodle classroom.  You can login to your class on Sunday morning before the start of each semester.   


You can find all of your work, in two places, one on the left side of your etudes classroom under "assignments", "forums" and "quizzes", or if you scroll down the page you will see in the middle of the page each assignment, quiz and forum for our posting. Click on the item and then post.


1. Quizzes - You can only submit each quiz one time, and receive one score for each quiz. Quizzes in Law 1/2/10/16/19 are all timed. One hour or 60 minutes to complete the quiz. You can only submit it one time. Once you open the quiz you must then complete it.  Quizzes  based on West Business Law 12th edition - has multiple choice quizzes. Other classes like Law 11 and 18 have questions to answer, and other classes have assignments called "tests" which requires submission of work. (Please note that Law 2 may differ from the above).


2. Discussions - (Forums)  - these are open ended questions that are posted on a forum. They are in the nature of a "classroom discussion". Your participation is required, and you will recceive a total of 15% of your grade for your participation in these forum discussions (which will only be entered by your online instructor at the end of the session).    Please be courteous in any of your postings and responses to other students. "Reasonable Minds" can differ, but please be polite.



New requirement for postings (starting Winter 2009 session)  - initial posting due by  Wednesday of every week, and at least 2 responses to class mates by Sunday


You will be required to post an entry to the class forum by Thursday of each week and you must respond to at least 2 of your class mates by Sunday of each week. Your grade on discussions and your 2 responses to each forum discussion is based upon the following: - "avoid responses like "me too" or a response that is irrelevant or adds nothing to the discussion, or does not provide support for your position expressed, and shows minimal reflection. Your postions taken in your responses to other students should be articulated with good support and demonstrate reflection.  Active participation in each forum is required. Your grade in forums will not be posted until the end of the session. It is 10% of your final grade, so it can make a difference between an A and a B, etc. grade if you do not participate. (note: Law 2 forums may differ from the above.)


3. Assignments - generally these will be related to your textbook or class subject. Sometime you will be asked to generate a word document and upload it to the site. Normally you can just post your text in a box for each assignment. You will be able to see the date and time you submitted your assignments by clicking on "assignments" on the left side of your etudes page. It is recommended that you go to your assignments, and copy the materials, questions, resources, references, cases, and then "log off", word process your answers to each question, case, assignment, etc. and then "log in" again and "copy and paste" from your word processor on your computer over to the moodle posting "box" which appears under each assignment in moodle. Please carefully read about "save changes" in the etudes classroom, and do not use it as your word processor. (Please note that Law 2 may differ from the above).


4. Questions - If you have a question about the class, schedule, or other course related items:


Please follow these rules for posting:


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