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High School Counselors Presentation 10-20-06 - Campus Center 10:30 am





information to discuss


Skills learnerd in program

Analysis of law cases – preparation of motions, eg. Motion to exclude evidence – due to unreasonable search and seizure, partnerships, entire California Corporation, from start to finish, articles of incorporation, bylaws, 1st meeting of the corporation, prepare all parts of a law suit from beginning to end with summons, complaint, discovery, depositions, interrogatories, requests for admissions, investigation of auto accidents, insurance claims, demand letters, wills, family trusts, analysis of evidence, preparation of documents and evidence for arbitrations, or trial, legal writing, legal memorandums, legal research, write a legal research papers, propose their thesis, and then support it with the law, entire debtor bankruptcy with schedules and financial statements, eviction papers both for the landlord and the tenant, family law documents including divorce petition, response, domestic violence injunctions, marital settlement agreements, and judgment for dissolution papers, probate an estate with a petition for probate, and distribution of the estate. All kinds of contracts, including releases, bills of sale, improvement of home construction, breach of contract, and contract to develop computer software for a university, motions to dismiss, motion for summary judgment, demurrers,



1997 $36,435 $2062 $38,497

2000 $40,974 $2449 $43,423

2002 $46,074 $2909 $48,983

2004 $46,862 $3393 $50,255

the average salary for paralegals in 2001 increased by an amazing 9.4 percent over 2000’s salaries, reaching $41,599 in a year marked by steep economic decline.


$47,212 (salary.com 2006) – median salary



Name and phone


mock trials


go to H.S. to make presentations,

set up classes for them at their campus – if they can get 25 students or more


pass the flyer out.


pass around sign in sheet with email addresses – ask Rolando, have it ready

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