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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 5 months ago

thanks Martha for preparing the final certificate for Maritza Aviles. I signed it on Thursday and gave it to Alma, and it should go out this next week.


I am following up on a few others.


1. Michele Reid - submitted 9-13-06 - have we processed this. I believe that Admissions was waiting for a "sealed transcript" of grades on one substituted class from Antelope Valley I believe and I think they received it. could you let me know.


2. I submitted two to you on 1-03-07


1. Sarah Thrift

2. Martha Duran


could you confirm that you have received those


3. Also I submitted two yesterday and placed them on your chair in Ed Zayas office. can you confirm that you received those


1. Kelly Pando

2. Denise Gonzalez


here is the updated list - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/certs


thanks Martha


Prof J. :-)




David Jordan, Esq. - Attorney at Law - Director

Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program

13356 Eldridge Ave, Sylmar, Ca 91342-3200

cell phone - 818-415-2015, school - 818-364-7720 fax - 1-866-371-5519

paralegal program webpage - http://lamission.edu/law

Chair of Staff Development - http://lamission.edu/staffdev

Chair of DDL - http://lamission.edu/ddl

"desktop dave" - desktop training series - http://profj.us/desktop

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