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From: Burke-Kelly, Kathleen (LAMC) Sent: Tue 1/2/2007 6:21 PM

To: Jordan, David C.; Hoefel, Karen A.


Subject: FW: CEO Flexible Calendar Certification for FY 2007/08

Attachments: 07-08TransLttr.doc(35KB) 07-08CommList.doc(42KB) 07-08ActList.doc(32KB) 07-08CertForm.doc(36KB)








Do you handle this as the Staff Development Coordinator?








It looks to me like you need to sign it as well. Has that been the past practice?






From: Barnes, Olga M. (LAMC) On Behalf Of Moreno, Ernest H. (LAMC)

Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 2:13 PM

To: Burke-Kelly, Kathleen (LAMC)

Subject: FW: CEO Flexible Calendar Certification for FY 2007/08






From: ceo-all-owner@list.cccco.edu [mailto:ceo-all-owner@list.cccco.edu] On Behalf Of Nather, Ken

Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 2:06 PM

To: ceo-all; rmummaw@avc.edu; cmitchel@barstow.edu; wardte@butte.edu; linda.howdyshell@chaffey.edu; hoffman_a@compton.edu; berner@contracosta.edu; slamb@dvc.edu; sschmidt@losmedanos.edu; mmurillo@cmccd.edu; dmanno@elcamino.edu; dderuiter@frc.edu; hurdwarren@fhda.edu; scarr@gavilan.edu; mcmurrey@glendale.edu; larry.sherwood@gcccd.edu; tpetrovi@hartnell.edu; mcapet@cerrocoso.edu; sschultz@portervillecollege.edu; sbeckw@lassencollege.edu; lblouin@lbcc.edu; jdowney@lbcc.edu; Escatiola, Evelyn; Hong, Mickey J; Carrillo, Carmen; Thomas, Lloyd; rosentr@arc.losrios.edu; castonj@crc.losrios.edu; lorimes@flc.losrios.edu; adere@scc.losrios.edu; kathleen.kirkpatrick@marin.edu; kchaty@mendocino.edu; goodwin.s@mccd.edu; dsmith@miracosta.edu; jvitullo@mtsac.edu; jtyler@msjc.edu; etejada@napavalley.edu; june.turner@paloverde.edu; pobrien@palomar.edu; lasugimoto@pasadena.edu; grindel_john@sac.edu; evans_tricia@sccollege.edu; sydney-larson@redwoods.edu; kobrien@riohondo.edu; kristina.kauffman@rcc.edu; klim@sdccd.edu; yberglan@sdccd.edu; tschilz@sdccd.edu; cstarr@ccsf.edu; taylorp@smccd.edu; spaventa@sbcc.edu; leslie.carr@canyons.edu; brown_patricia@smc.edu; dalen@cos.edu; pdemo@shastacollege.edu; mdevol@sierracollege.edu; donaldson@siskiyous.edu; Richard.Christensen@solano.edu; mbooher-poggi@santarosa.edu; psoto@swccd.edu; kim.perry@reedleycollege.edu; Inicklas@vcccd.edu; rsanchez@vcccd.edu; asmoore@vcccd.edu; boenheimm@vvc.edu; susankincade@westhillscollege.com; buckc@yosemite.edu; raileyg@mjc.edu; rcanto@yccd.edu

Cc: Bogue-Feinour, Carole; Woodyard, LeBaron

Subject: CEO Flexible Calendar Certification for FY 2007/08








I am coordinating the Flexible (Flex) Calendar Certification activity for the System Office on behalf of Dr. Carole Bogue-Feinour, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Attached is a message from Dr. Bogue-Feinour providing the districts with the Flex Calendar Certification instructions and documents for fiscal year (FY) 2007/08. The deadline for filing the certifications for FY 2007/08 is July 1, 2007.




Please note: each college in the district, regardless of whether the college participates in the Flex Calendar Program or not, is required to certify annually using the accompanying document. If a college does not plan to participate in the Flex Calendar Program in FY 2007/08, simply check the box on the certification document then sign and submit to the System Office. If a college does participate, the college would complete the certification and the accompanying activities list and committee roster then forward the completed packet to the System Office.




Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions regarding the certification process. I appreciate your attention in this matter and thank you in advance for your cooperation.




Best regards,


Ken Nather


Specialist, Academic Planning & Development


System Office, California Community Colleges


1102 Q Street


Sacramento, CA 95814


(916) 322-9048



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