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 Please file your exclusion rosters electronically, print out and sign and send to Admissions, c/o Rosalie Torres and email me when you have done so.

1. first go to the instructor system, login and print out your current student roster

2. go to your moodle classroom.

3. if the student on the student roster has not logged then exclude them

4. a final step which is very important. make sure that as you go through the participants, A-Z that the logged in students in moodle are also on your student roster.

5. If not then go to "assign roles" and click on their name and transfer them out of class.

6. email them at the same time that they are being unenrolled and "locked out" of moodle because they have not properly enrolled in the class at Mission.

7. This is very important since we do not want to let them complete the class, and then have to add them in after the class has been completed. This loses time, energy, and also the College gets no money for these students, and in essence they are getting a "free ride" - so please make sure you do this.

Again please email me when you have completed steps 1 through 7 above.

many thanks.

hope you are all having a great semester.

If you do not know how to do the above, please do fell free to call or email me.


David Jordan, Esq. - Attorney at Law - Director
Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program
13356 Eldridge Ave, Sylmar, Ca 91342-3200
cell phone - 818-415-2015, school - 818-364-7720 fax - 1-866-371-5519
paralegal program webpage - http://lamission.edu/law
Chair of Technology Committee - http://lamission.edu/facstaff/technology
Chair of Distance Education Committee - http://lamission.edu/de

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