Enrollment at Mission College



Please read carefully


1. First you must enroll as a Mission College student - this can be done at http://cccapply.org and follow the steps.


2. If CCCApply is closed to enroll as a student, then print out the following application - http://lamission.edu/law/collegeapp.pdf  and fax it to prof. j. at 1-866-371-5519 along with a copy of your California driver's license, and please email him at jordandc@lamission.edu and let him know you have faxed your application.



3. If you think that you qualify for a late add - then contact Prof J.  



4. Once you do enroll at mission you will receive a student id number - it starts with 88 and is followed by 7 numbers - eg. 88-123-4567



5. Check to see that you are enrolled in a particular online or hybrid class by going to the student information system, or add or drop a class at http://www.laccd.edu/student_information/sis_logon.asp


6.  Call Prof. Jordan at 818-415-2015 if you have any questions or email him at abogado@pacbell.net

good luck, and enjoy your classes.


7. Now you are ready to login to your online class and get started.


Prof J.

updated: 7/24/13 @ 4:14 pm