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Environmental Studies Legislative Researcher


Career description - Environmental Studies students find work primarily in research, analysis, and enforcement activities in state, federal, and local governments. Others work for nonprofit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society, and Sierra Club. Some work as consultants to private firms, and some graduates become teachers in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. A few have created their own careers in such areas as organic farming, managing cooperatives, and social action.

Environmental Studies students often go on to professional and graduate schools in such fields as law, ecology, engineering, journalism, economics, public health, political science, public administration, special education, environmental policy, and human ecology.


Skill Award - 15 units (5 classes)


1. Introduction to Law - Law 10 (current Paralegal class) -  will introduce the student to law, legal reasoning courts, and a variety of topics including consumer protection, administrative law, international law, employment and labor relations,  intellectual property, torts, crimes and cyber crimes, constitutional authority to regulate buisiness - with contextualized readings and assignments in environmental issues


2. Legal Writing - Law 17 (current Paralegal class)  - will introduce the student to preparing documents, papers, memorandum - related to environmental studies issues - with contextualized readings and assignments in environmental issues


3. Legal Research - Law 34 (current Paralegal class) - will introduce the student to how to research the law, find cases, and report legal research related to environmental studies topics - with contextualized readings and assignments in environmental issues


4. Legislative Analysis - (new course) - will introduce the student to the research and analysis of applicable environmental laws, regulations, including current bills, and lobbying efforts.


5. Environmental Law - (new course) - will introduce the student to cases, statutes, regulations, bills, and the laws related to envronmental issues - with contextualized readings and assignments in environmental issues




Environmental Law Deskbook McH Ref Law KF3775 .E47 2000 — Legislative sourcebook includes full text of major environmental laws such as the Clean Air act, Endangered Species act, etc.


Environmental Law and Policy: Nature, Law, and Society McH Ref Law KF3775.A7 P55 2004 — Provides overview and development of environmental laws and policies. Clarifies local, state, and federal relationships. Includes statuatory approaches, private and public rights and responsibilities, globalization, international and comparative law.

see UC Santa Cruz

Articles and Books


Writing for Decision-Makers 

• Valentine, Responding to Legislative Requests; Writing for Decision-makers 

• The Electronic Hallway, Writing Effective Memoranda: Planning, Drafting and Revising 

• 47 Rules for Writers  

Purpose of Analysis 

• Hird, Policy Analysis for What?  

• Hill, California Legislative Analyst’s Office 

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