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Chicano Studies Hybrid Classes -

Hybrid - Chicano 7 (#0134) = http://chicano-7.pbwiki.com - etudes-7


internet Chicano 37 (#0176) = http://chicano-37.pbwiki.com - etudes-37


John Morales - Chicano Studies 47

http://chicano-47.pbwiki.com/ - profetkt@yahoo.com




Prerequisite: None | Lecture: 3 hours. UC:CSU 3 UNITS

The social-historical development of the Mexican American woman. Analyzes the forces and problems which have contributed to defining her role in Mexican American culture and as an integral part of society, as well as the role she has played in the development of our society. There will be discussions concerning future alternatives for a new role for her in America.


John Morales - Chicano Studies 37 - chicano-37.pbwiki.com - c37morales

Jose Maldonado - Chicano Studies

Chicano 37 - http://chicanostudies37.pbwiki.com/ - History 11 - http://history11.pbwiki.com







Description of Class: Chicano 7 - Chicano Literature

This class is a broad survery of contemporary Chicano/a literature. Through an analysis of poetry, novels, short stories, essays, and arts of the Chicano community, this course will help students gian a deeper understanding of the experiences of Mexican-Americans in this country.


Because this is a study of literature, there will be a major focus placed on writing, and the development and study of voice. The study of Chicano literature not only is about looking at previously silenced voices in the American canon of literature, but of the development of a literacy that is critical and concise.

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