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Critique of an online class


Communications Law


I found this website for World Lecture Hall by typing in law. http://web.austin.utexas.edu/wlh/



  1. I like the assignments on the front page - makes it easy to get quick grasp of what is required in the class
  2. From the information given on the top of the page it appears this is a hybrid or mixed class, with most of the work done on campus
  3. I do not like the blue background - would be better in white, with smaller letters for the links.
  4. The professor uses a pdf file, which is a xerox of how he wants to have oral presentations made in calss - it would be better if he made this into an html page, or a wiki for easier access by students. pdf files can be slow to open
  5. The objectives stated in the course are somewhat too general - "By the end of this course, students should be able to 1 summarize the process and result of judicial analysis and apply it to real-life situations; 2 compare and contrast schools of ethical thought and apply them to real-life situations; 3 list and describe legal rights and duties of the media; 4 present complex concepts orally and in writing; and 5 use effective expository English (yes, this is an English course)."


Mind and Machines


I found this at the MIT open source site - http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html



  1. I like the size, and font type of the print. very clean
  2. I life the links on the left
  3. everything is simple and easy to navigate on this site.
  4. I like the simple use of white spaces
  5. Overall I would give this site an A+ for design of this page

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