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Costs and Curriculum



Costs of our Paralegal Program


Each class which is 3 units costs $46 per unit or $138 per class. There are a total of 12 law classes you need to take to obtain your paralegal certificate.  The total cost of the program for tuition is $1656 (12 x $138) and you pay for each class when you enroll to take it.  You may be eligible for financial aid and fee waivers - see http://lamission.edu/financialaid and contact the Financial Aid Offices. Upon completion of the 12 classes you will receive a paralegal certificate which is recognized by California Law.




Below are the 12 classes which are required to obtain your Paralegal Certificate.


It is suggested that you take Law 1, 2 and 10 as the first set of classes, then any other class, and Law 16, 17 and 34 towards the end of the program.


Paralegal Curriculum

Law 1 Business Law I 3
Law 2 Business Law II 3
Law 10 Intro to Legal Assisting I 3
Law 11 Intro to Legal Assisting II 3
Law 12 Tort Law & Claims Investigation 3
Law 13 Wills, Trusts & Probate Administration 3
Law 16 Civil and Criminal Evidence 3
Law 17 Legal Writing 3
Law 18 Marriage and Family Law 3
Law 19 Property and Creditor Rights 3
Law 20 Basic Probate Procedure 3
Law 34 Legal Research Lab 3



How Long will it take to complete the program? 12-18 months



Fall Semester - 15 weeks - take 3-4 classes

Spring Semester - 15 weeks -  take 3-4 classes
Fall Semester - 15 weeks - complete the certificate  

updated: 6/28/12


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