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content for research papers

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  • Must be 8-10 pages excluding the bibliography or 2,000-2,500 words type written; double-spaced; 10-12 size Times New Roman or Arial font only
  • Can NOT be an informative essay that merely repeats general information from an encyclopedia.
  • Must be an argument that attempts to prove a point with evidence. It cannot be a topic such as 'rape' or 'world hunger'. No one can argue in favor of either topic.
  • Must include at least 6-8 sources for your paper. At least 3 of your references must NOT be from the Internet. Use MLA to site your sources and provide bibliography section/works cited in your paper. To properly cite references, review posted MLA resource.
  • Review Resource attachment for other important information about the Research Paper. You may choose from the following topics: the use of public money to support immigrants, the decriminalization of marijuana, bilingual education, voucher initiatives, capital punishment, socialized medicine, using race to accept or decline students in public schools, privatizing social security, and standardized tests. If there is a topic you want to explore that is not listed here, contact me ASAP. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE RESEARCH PAPER, BE SURE TO REVIEW POSTED "RESOURCE FOR RESEARCH PAPER."  
  • HARDCOPY is due in the beginning of class on Saturday, October 27 at 8AM. LATE RESEARCH PAPER WILL NOT BE GRADED. NO EXCUSES.

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