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CETC suggested activities

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Hi Ambassadors:


We know that many Ambassadors are having trouble in these stressful

times with budget cuts, being overworked, no time, etc...


So we have brainstormed and come up with some ideas on how to maximize

your time and outreach efforts on campus.


Here are some suggestions to increase awareness of the various CETC

services plus retain your sanity...


Just remember that it's NOT always about you doing all the work but

maximizing your time and creating "mini-Ambassadors" at your

campus...we strongly encourage you to:



Make alliances with others who reach out to the same target audience as

we do (Faculty, Staff and Administrators)... Here is a suggested list

of connections

to make:

• Administration (President, Vice President, CIO, CBO)

• Marketing Department

• Distance Ed Coordinators

• Professional Development Departments

• Academic Senate

• Shared Governance Bodies

• College Council

• District Council

• Classified Senate/Council

• IT Departments & IT Committees

• Technology Trainers

• Department Chairs

• Human Resources

• Other Ambassadors in your region to collaborate with



Or ways to reach faculty, staff and administrators that you can also

tape into or piggy back on?:

ListServs - usually these smaller listservs are more effective and

materials sent are more widely read...

• Databases

• Mailboxes

• Newsletters

• Websites

• Paycheck envelopes

Be Creative…you never know where an opportunity may arise!



Plan to participate in the following types of faculty, staff and

administrator events:

• Opening Day/Convocation

• Flex activities

• Department meetings

• Committee meetings

• District meetings

• Luncheons/brown bags

• Technology Fairs (invite CETC projects to participate)

• Informative webinars featuring CETC projects

• Technology seminars that highlight CETC services



• Utilize your partners to print, copy and/or distribute Ambassador

collateral materials likes the Takes Ones for you whenever possible.

(.pdf Take One files are available at


• Coordinate your own customized CETC Ambassador Meet & Confer Webinar,

archive it and then send the link to your campus to access it on their

own time 24/7.

• Invite a CETC Project Director and/or Representative to do a webinar

at your campus via Meet & Confer, invite your campus to attend and then

archive it and distribute the link afterwards for 24/7 access.

• Implement CETC Post survey (via online link or printed version) -

this is a good marketing tool because we have made the description of

each project a little more indepth.

• Make printed Take Ones more available to our target audience...put

them in mailboxes, teacher's lounges, department meetings, bulletin

boards, etc...Utilize any student help if you can!

• Maybe you can make your communications via regular emails regarding

CETC projects...distribute the link to the CETC website which is

http://www.cccetc.org and/or cut and paste some text from this website

on each project into emails to introduce folks to CETC projects and


• Write articles for any campus newsletters or

e-newsletters...introducing yourself as your campus Ambassador and

again, you can go to the CETC website and cut and paste any text on any

CETC project.

• Find any existing campus websites (e.g., staff development, etc...)

or develop your own CETC Ambassador website and add links to the CETC

website and/or CETC projects...we can supply you with the logos for the

link buttons if you like...

• Tap into any existing events going on that also reach our target

audience and give them some Take Ones to distribute and/or have a

booth/table on site doing surveys and distributing Take ones.

• Schedule and conduct CETC Ambassador presentations and/or demos at

various meetings, events or create your own event.

• If you are doing any training or staff development, make a 5-10

minute "mini" CETC presentation prior to every training, distribute

Take Ones and paper CETC Post Surveys OR...have staff development

and/or IT do the same if possible.

• Distribute the TechEDge newsletter that featured the CETC Ambassador

program via email and/or have any local newsletters reprint this CETC

Ambassador article.

• Reserve a table at local events to distribute CETC Ambassador

materials or have event coordinators distribute your materials for you

at these events.

• Do a quick CETC overview and introduce yourself at various meetings,

luncheons, events.etc...

• Set-up live demos of the various CETC projects/services.

• Invite CETC projects to participate in your activities.

• Contact CETC projects and ask for collateral materials/promotional

items to distribute and generate more excitement.


Try to get as creative as you can to maximize your time and develop a

network that really "works" for you...



We're coming into home stretch so we want to make sure that the

Ambassador program ends their fiscal year with a "bang" and we see an

improvement in the second half of the year.


We can't tell you how much we appreciate your efforts on behalf of the

CETC Ambassador program and CETC Projects...YOU are truly making a



If anyone has any other suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!


Keep on trucking Ambassadors!


Take care,


Donna Blanco : )

CETC Ambassador Program Coordinator

(619) 846-0204


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