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basic skills - Chaffey Model

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

I attended the District Academic Senate Summit on Friday in Marina Del Rey and Chaffey College presented their Basic Skills Student Success Centers. I have the powerpoint presentation which I will copy for you.

Here are some notes on their Basic Skills Transformation

1. Chaffey took all of their PFE money and put it into this one project. I think we should consider using our Basic Skills money for a similar transformation at Mission.

2. Basic Skills were separated from the disciplines - with a confusing number of systems, duplicated curriculum, poor facilities, and divisive campus culture. 96% of students assessed are underprepared in either math, reading or writing. 65% deficient in all 3 categories. 21% out of school 5 or more years.

3. The mandate for change resulted from PFE, moral imperative to change, campus climate, and board mandate.

4. All Basic Skills terms were changed to "Foundation" to validate the idea of change and improvement, and not focus on remediation

5. Success Centers were created, along with instructional programs, it was district supported, centralized locations, faculty leadership (7 instructional specialists), multiple levels of support, serves ALL students and faculty, not just Basic Skills population, and student - centered learning community, staffed with paraprofessional tutors, connected to respective disciplines, report to an instructional dean and not student services.

6. The opportunity was seized - the classroom connection was strengthened, curriculum was developed to include directed learning activities, study groups, workshops, and lab resources, administrative reorganization was required including a new School of Instructional Support, a new Faculty Success Center,  Course Offerings switched from 90 % transfer/10% Basic Skills in 1999 to 60-70% Foundation Courses (i.e. Basic Skills)/30-40% Transfer Courses in 2006-2007.

7. 95% of students surveyed agree or strongly agree that a connection exists between the Success Center and classroom activities

46% of students access the Success Centers each term, 41% of students access a Student Success Center a least twice a week.


Pretty impressive.

I believe the following steps are necessary:

1. update the Educational Master Plan to include the Student Success Centers

2. link the budget to planning - i.e. the Budget Committee and EPC work together to link the Basic Skills money to the Student Success Centers

3. link new curriculum and classes to the Success Centers

4. reorganize administrative support - to accommodate Instructional Support to the new Success Center - assign and train faculty who will work in the Student Success Center

5. develop paraprofessional tutoring

6. develop the Student Success Curriculum including directed learning, study groups, workshops, and lab resources

7. plan and implement the campus wide cultural integration of occupational courses, Foundation courses, and Transfer Courses - get "buy in" from all campus units, departments, etc.

8. make decisions based upon data collected in the Student Success Centers.

9. shift the concept from "time in tutoring" to "activities and support" used  in the Centers

10. work with facilities in the logistical issues - location of center(s), construction, etc.

11. develop faculty support and staff development in a Faculty Success Center - link it also to the Title V - Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) and other Title V programs at Mission which are engaged in Staff Development of Faculty.

well those are some thoughts for a Sunday morning.

sorry I cannot be at the EPC meeting tomorrow.



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