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Action Plan - BSI

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Pre-conference: Action Plan Review


List the key points of your college’s BSI Action Plan and record under the Main Ideas column. For each main idea/point listed, provide some description or explanation in the Details column. Use the Summary section to record questions, observations, or concerns.


Main Ideas


·      Hire a Basic Skills Coordinator



·      Develop and implement a first-year experience



·      Provide stipends for Basic Skills curriculum development




·      Revise, update, and expand supplemental assessment


·      Provide advisement and counseling in a new One-Stop Student and Faculty Success Center


·      Develop and implement supplemental instruction and tutoring in Basic Skills



·      Set up a non-credit literacy laboratory



·      Develop, coordinate, facilitate, and evaluate on-going cross-discipline training workshops focused on basic skills effective practices




·      Develop, design, and maintain virtual network/digital knowledge repository for the improvement of teaching and Learning in Basic Skills


·      Design, budget, coordinate, and facilitate ePortfolio teaching and learning project


·      Design, budget, coordinate, and evaluate faculty teaching and learning academies as well as faculty chair leadership academies


Job description written and posted, but then removed because AFT chapter president had incorrect waiver


By Fall 2010.  Under discussion, but awaiting Basic Skills Coordinator



ESL curriculum development in progress—linking ESL courses to specific content areas.  Dev. Com. Non-credit lab under development.  Non-credit Pre-GED, GED courses also being developed.


In progress through Matriculation Committee and through individual departments


Development and implementation will occur in stages within two years




ESL writing supplemental instruction to begin with 2009-2010 school year.  Learning Center director retired in January and will be replaced by July.




Funding for materials has been approved.  Currently in development—opening Fall 2009.  Location TBA.



Possible activities during Flex Day.  ESC will be involved with planning of flex day.






Needs to be developed.






District has adopted x-Folio; on-campus training has begun




Inaugural FTLA is wrapping up and will start disseminating training in Fall 2009




Summary: Lack of Basic Skills Coordinator negatively impacting implementation of almost all aspects of our action plans.

Extensive Pre-GED and GED programs are under development—large population of students needs these services.  Potential for enrollment growth.


Greater campus involvement in terms of basic skills (content areas) is critical.


More counseling intervention. 


Basic skills class size. 


Unidentified disabilities and stigmatizing of disabled students.



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