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9-30-01 to 2-27-01

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Agendas, Minutes and Reports - 9-30-01 to 2-27-01



Updates from 9/30/01 to 2/27/01


Forum: Updates to Staff Development Committee

Date: 2001, Feb 27



Update on Staff Development 2/27/01


1. here is the proposed Staff Development Charter, please review and provide any comments



1a. on 3/06/01 Geri Shapiro will have a presentation on Internships in CC 4, Tuesday, 12:30, flex and lunch provided.


1 b. There is a District Staff Development meeting on 3/05/01 at LA City College which David Jordan will attend and he will report back to our committee re the ISW workshop which will be planned and implemented to train our faculty. ISW workshops are fantastic, and are wonderful. for those materials please see, http://lamission.org/isw (the Chancellor is matching funds with the ISW workshops because he believes so strongly in the goals and objectives, and accomplishments of these workshops)- the fist Mission College ISW should either be in June or in August, more information on these workshops to follow.


1 c. In our last meeting, we discussed the position of a "Help Desk", and hiring a part time, student worker, who would report to Staff Development, and who would assist faculty, staff, classified,, with both software, hardware problems, and who would coordinate with John Beck in his/her work to make him/her effective. We are in the process of contacting a few student workers to see if we could set them up as a Help Desk person. Once we locate a person, we will work out the hiring details, and present it to the Committee for approval, etc.


1 d. There are a number of faculty who want to go to the Tech Ed in Ontario, we will need to use Tech 2 funds, this is a new procedure, and we will submit them through the new procedure process established which is to first submit them in the format at TTIP Request for Funds http://media.csun.edu/~quiz/quizzes/dJordan/ttip.html, then the request goes to Assessment and Planning, and from their to Resources for approval. This is a new process. We have to do the same process to approve moneys for the conference funds for the 4csd, Lake Tahoe attendance in April for David Jordan, and Vickie Hansen at the Spring Regional Staff Development Conference which David and Sandi Lampert attended last April. (here are the notes from that last conference - it was very successful by the way- and generated for example the Kudos program this year - amongst other things http://www.vcsun.org/~djordan/staffdev/4csdnotes.htm


2. The Diversity Committee is now developing, and its Chair is Vickie Oddino, it had two primary activities, one to train affirmative action persons for our hiring committees. In the Spring we will hire probably five new faculty, and some new classified, and we need to have persons trained to participate in these committees. Kaye Divine who was our part time Affirmative Action Officer will be leaving to go over to Valley full time after the Srping Break. The Diversity Committee, by the way should come under the purvue of the Staff Development Committee. The second acitivity is to coordinate or collaborate with college diversity activities.


Gary Prostak is on the Committee, and Gary also is the Faculty Advisor for the International Students Club. Gary suggested a bus trip to LACMA for students to see the "Made in California Now" exhibit at LACMA,

http://www.lacma.org/info/press/MICNowPR.htm . The Diversity Commitee has a budget for such activities.


3. Also it would be fun for Staff Development to take a field trip. a few years ago Margie Long organized a trip to the Getty Museum. it has been suggested we take a trip this semester to the Museum of Tolerance.



We do have funds to pay for a bus. we could do this on a Saturday or Sunday and invite faculty and students to fill up the bus. Let me know if anyone wants to spearhead these efforts. not much time left in the semester. we are at week 7 out of 18, almost half way through the semester.


4. Chaffey College has a College Book Program. Sandy Lampert and I learned about this when we went to the Regional Staff Development Program last year. Chaffey's current college book is Slaughter House Five, they do a whole college promotion, games, etc. around the book. I think we should do that for Mission. I talked with Roxanne Dalyrymple our new English hire, and she is going to look for a possible book. also John Orozco, has a PFE proposal where the English Dept. is going to take a common theme and work with it and that would be nice for Staff Development to promote also in some of our Food for Thought Forums, etc. maybe next semester.


read how was the college book program established at Chaffey:



5. Classified Staff Development is going to have a special workshop on this Friday from 1- 3pm in CC 1 on "Our Mission is Student Success" http://lamission.org/forums/studentsuccess.htm


6. John Morales will do a Food for Thought Forum on 3/28/01 on "Chicano Activism and Cesar Chavez".


7. Bob Smazenka will do a Food for Thought Forum on 4/19/01 on "Catastrophe Theory"


8. Louise Barbato will have a visiting UCLA specialist on "The Use of Accents in Radio, TV, and Media" on May 15th for our Food for Thought Forum


9. Doug McFerran has created a wonderful new website at http://onlinemvp.org to coordinate activities between Mission/Velley and Pierce, and their will be an a teaching workshop on 3/16/01, Friday from 8:30 to 3 pm as part of his Tech Committe, and Staff Development will provide lunch. All faculty, and interested classified are welcome to attend.


10. a number of new computers are being installed for our faculty. if you need help in getting them up and running let us know. we will try to help you.


Online Staff Develolpment Meeting 1/23/01


1. On Monday, 1/29/01 Staff Development will sponsor a Welcome Back Lunch - from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the South Atrium- there will be music/kudos awards/updates/information on Flex activities, and the President's Message, and of course, introduction of the new faculty members and staff. and Debby Wong will lead a new Faculty orientation in a short meeting after the lunch


2. Debby has been working hard on putting together binders/materials as a Faculty Orientation Guide for our new Faculty, and maybe this can be adapted also for new Staff Orientation Guide. Thanks Debby for all of the hard work.


3. Great work is being done by Sandi Lampert - she continues to hold meetings of the Kudos Committee, and already many Kudos Awards have been given. She is working with our student work Corinne Torres in documenting all of the Flex Hours, and Sandi sets up all of the food and room arrangements for all of our Staff Development activities - she also provides inspiration and leadership. many thanks Sandi for all of your great work.


Sandi is going to continue organizing the selling of seasonal flowers to faculty and classified. Pointsettas were sold over Christmas. Louis Zandalasini is now our resident source of flowers. We are considering doing a "White Carnation" day on Valentines Day. Could we reschedule the 2/21 Staff Development Meeting to have a little event on 2/14 - Weds, as part of our Staff Development meeting and hold it on 2/14 instead of 2/21 ?


4. We need to give the new faculty a little breather, but soon, contact them to see which Committees they would like to work on, and to help mentor them as new Faculty members.


5. On 1/16-1/19 - David Jordan helped to facilitate with the Chair of Staff Development at West Los Angeles. These Instructional Skills Workshop are a District Wide Staff Development Activiity. Five W. LA instructors participated in preparing and delivering 3 mini lectures and received feedback on their teaching. These ISW workshops are very successful, and will be brought to Mission College in June. Materials on the ISW is located at http://lamission.org/ISW

We need to recruit six (6) faculty - some seasoned, and maybe some new to participate in this extensive workshop - 4 days, from 9-4:30 pm.


6. Diversity Committee - The first meeting is scheduled for 1/25/01 at 12:30 pm in Campus Room 4. It has been suggested that this Committee come under the umbrella of Staff Development, and we can discuss and vote on this in our next Staff Development Meeting.


7. Here is a list of the Staff Development Meetings for the remainder of the Semester - we will meet in the Acadmic Affairs Conference Room - at 1 pm on the 3rd Weds. of each month - they are 2/21, 3/21, 4/18, and 5/16. (2/14 on Valentines if we decide to have a White Carnation, etc. activity, and the Committee agrees to reschedule its 2/21 meeting to 2/14)


8. Diversity Roundtables - the first in this series will be " Men are from Pacoima, Women are from Northride" moderated by Jayne Thomas, Angela Echeverri, and Doug Mcferran - Jayne will discuss the psychological differences, Angela the biological differences, and Doug the philosophical differences, IF ANY, between men and women. This is scheduled for Thursday 2/22/01 at 12:30 pm, lunch provided


9. The District will provide a speaker to our Campus on issues of Sexual Harassment. Faculty are required to attend as part of the contract (I believe). The dates for these seminars are 2/6 (3-4:30), 2/8 (4-5:30), 3/13 (12:30 - 1:30), 3/14 (12:30 - 1:30)


10. We will continue our series of "Food for Thought" Forums - and here are some of the proposed topics & moderators


a. Use of Accents in Radio and Television - ( a teleconference with experts in the field ) moderated by Louise Barbato - Chair of ESL Dept.


b. Chicano Activism - moderated by John Morales, Chair of Chicano Studies Dept.


c. a Gender Hotline - moderated by Lee Riesenberg - founder of the hotline which has been running for the last 20 years


d. Tai Che - a demonstration and practice, and how you can integrate it into your busy, stressfull, day to day life.


e. "Who Moved my Cheese" - based on the book, March 8th, moderated by Sandi Lampert, and we hope to get an expert to come and motivate us on this topic. (Bring your favorite cheese - joke)


f. Bond Issue - Prop. A. - Former Congressman Marvin Dymally will come and discuss pros/cons of the Bond Issue and how it affects Mission College - February 7th, 12:30


some new ideas which we can discuss:


1. Staff Develoment along with ESL and the Languages Department, the International Students Club, and AGS Honor Society and Diversity Committee will discuss and decide upon a "International Language Day" where tables will be set up for each language spoken on campus, and demonstrations, music, maybe even different foods, and both faculty/staff. and students will participate.


2. Staff Development and ASO will plan and coordinate - a Faculty/Student Appreciation Day - kind of like a Valentines Day exchange - and/or maybe even we could have a "Hasty Pudding" type of Friar's Club roasting, pantomine, or skits of teachers/students - in an anonymous, non-offensive and fun format.


3. We are going to provide some Flex Activities in an ONLINE format to make it more convenient for some busy faculty to get their Flex Hours. The proposed activities for ONLINE FLEX are located at http://lamission.org/flexonline


4.. Tech Expo for Spring 2001 will be in Ontario again on 3/26 - 3/29 - we should send one or more participants. Their events webpage is located at http://www.techedevents.org

One suggestion is to minimize sending a lot of people to attend, and instead bring the same workshops/presenters here to our campus with some of our Tech 2 moneys to train us. This will maximize our budget


5.. The Annual 4C/SD - State Staff Development Conference is in Lake Taho from April 1-3, Sunday through Tuesday, the week before our Spring Break. Last year both David Jordan, and Sandi Lampert attended. It is the best conference. We should send at least 3 or 4 people, and it costs about $450 per person. We should have at least one or two of our Classified Staff Development members also attend. Their webpage is located at http://www.4csd.org


6. Lunch Hour - Open Computer Labs - It has been suggested that Staff Development offer an open lab during Lunch Hour for anyone, Staff and Faculty to drop in and work on developing/improving their computer skills - which could include word processing, excel, email, windows 98, web pages, or any other useful programs and applications. It has also been suggested we hire some "outside expert" to provide this training, and not "in house". We need to decide if we want to do this, how much we want to and can spend.


7. Classified has requested to receive training in "How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service" - we need to organize this activity, budget it, and plan it - along with any other training requested by Classified.


8. One of the suggestions at one of our meetings was to work up a list of resources we now have available for teaching - including low tech and hi tech items, with where each is located. many of us do not know how many things can be used in the classroom, etc. also we could have training on such things as the infamous xerox/copier and printer. it would be nice if we could also add a fax function to that machine, since some faculty would like the convenience of faxing from that machine.


9. Operation Scan - this is a new project to purchase a scanner (s) for the faculty common computers. This way instructors could scan in any pictures, diagrams, notes, etc. and these could then be turned into nice html formated webpages, and put on line for the use of our students. We would need to also train our faculty on how to use the scanners, and coordinate with the Title 3 - EDS - staff to assist in mounting the web pages for our faculty.


10. Staff Development has submitted a proposal for Block Grant moneys for VCRS/TVS for faculty, and this should be followed up with Leslie Milke to see if we can get more VCRS/TVS for faculty, and also a proposal for a HYPERNEWS threaded discussion software/server which will provide all faculty with the wonderful access to threaded discussions in their classrooms. information on the use of Threaded Discussions in Instruction is located at http://www.vcsun.org/~john/hypernews2.html http://www.vcsun.org/


11. El Timbre continues in its 3rd full season - and now includes in addition to its weekly format, and list of updates a new feature - Computer Tips and Tricks - to assist in training us all in how to use the ubiquitous computer. - which we so love and hate.


12. David Jones has re-discovered the use of our email exchange server we have on campus. it is located at http://email.lamission.cc.ca.us - He has agreed to give us information on the 1/25/01 Welcome Back Lunch, and maybe we can do some training of faculty. This new service allows instructors to email all of their students in each class. Each class has a folder already established with an email set up for each student. It is a fantastic new feature. Thanks David for working on this.


13. Syllabus Project - very useful information for faculty on How to do a Syllabus is located at http://lamission.org/syllabus, and the State Senate for California Community Colleges has the Components of a Model Course Outline which is very useful in planning a syllabus. is located at



Maybe we could have a workshop for new/seasoned faculty to review these materials, and work on our respective syllabi.


Events Flex Activities and Guidelines to promote to Faculty and Classified:


1. Symposium on Teacher Recruitment and Development -

March 8 - 9, 2001 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel, 5400 West Century Boulevard

information - contact Lou Albert, Project Director at 818/947-2569 Valley College

web site informatoin = http://www.trdp.laccd.edu


2. there is a good website for Flex Guidelines at City College located at



3. Students develop and learn by participating in service projects in the community - SERVICE LEARNING - if you are interested contact Michael Orenstein, Workforce Development, LACCD, 213- 891-2433, email - orenstm@email.laccd.edu


4. The District will provide a speaker to our Campus on issues of Sexual Harassment. Faculty are required to attend as part of the contract (I believe). The dates for these seminars are 2/6 (3-4:30), 2/8 (4-5:30), 3/13 (12:30 - 1:30), 3/14 (12:30 - 1:30)


5. Internships - information provided by Unite L.A. in conjunction with our Coop Ed Program - see Geri Shapiro, 3/6 - Tuesday - 1230 - 1:30 pm


6. Tech Expo for Spring 2001 - 3/26 - 3/29 - Ontario, California

Their webpage is located at http://www.techedevents.org


7. 4CSD - State Staff Development Annual Conference - Lake Tahoe - April 1-3 (Sunday - Tuesday) - their website is http://www.4csd.org



Staff Development Update 1/10/01


1. here is a workshop you may want to attend:on Service Learning this Thursday at L.A. City College



2. Doug McFerran, our Mission College tech guru, and distance ed maven, is now working on the Tech Committee to implement many new changes this next semester. He has invited the California Virtual College (CVC) Director Andy Howard to our campus on 1/25/01, Thursday, from 11-12, Room to be announced. We hope to coordinate many new activities and workshops with our regional CVC.


3. Mission College, along with the nine other L.A. Community Colleges is developing Instructional Skills Workshops. here is a webpage with information on these exctiing ISW workshops. We will have one soon at Mission College. http://lamission.org/ISW . I will be collaborating as a facilitator this next week in an ISW workshop with West L.A. They will have 5 or 6 of their instructors take this class.


4. We will start a new program for Staff Development, called "Computer Tips and Tricks". This new program will host an "open computer lab" during lunch time, possibly two times a week, on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 12:30 to 1:30, where you can drop by and "spruce up" your computer skills for the new year. We are also going to have more formal workshops on Microsoft Office, Excel, etc. this next semester in response to a recent survey taken of faculty and staff. Please check the Computer Tips and Tricks, published every week, at http://hyper.vcsun.org/HyperNews/djordan/get/computertricks.html


5. One of the first activities for Staff Development is to work on its Committee Charter, and its statement of purpose as part of the Accreditation Process. We will get back to you more as this develops.



Update for Staff Development 11/06/00


1. the new Kudos Review Committee (KRC) has been formed - it is Sandi Lampert, Victoria Hansen, and Eloise Cantrell - thanks all- They have recieved between 4-6 nominations, and the first Kudos award will be presented on 11/21/00 at our Faculty Forum


2. On 11/14/00 - Tuesday - 12:30pm in our Food for Thought Monthly Forum John Cantley and Mark Pracher will make a presentation on "Assessment - What is it?" - lunch will be provided, and a flyer will be distributed promoting this event to faculty, staff and classified


3. On 11/21/00 - Tuesday - 12:30 pm Sandi Lampert will host a Faculty Forum on "Problem Based Learning"

here are some interesting links on the subject from the University of Delaware = http://www.udel.edu/pbl/


4. I went to Oxy for a 2nd visit this last Friday, and talked with Palmer Potter, the Instructional Technology person - he is in charge of training staff and faculty - and their program includes the following elements:


a. Oxy is going over to one networking system - all windows 2000 based, and training in Frontpage 2000. This includes email with MS exchange. This makes sense to them. They have 2-3 other servers, one a linux/unix, one a novell network, and one with the new windows 2000 system.


b. They have set up a system of student technical assistants (STA's) with a Mellon Grant, and the STA's help the staff/faculty put up webpages. This is similar to our Title 3 with Mark Pracher, and we should probably considering working with Title 3 with out Tech 2 moneys, and maybe get our own Staff Dev person (similar to Pete Marcoux) last year to help staff/faculty with their webpages.


c. They have intensive summer workshops (2 weeks) which also pay faculty stipends $1000 to take part in the workshops


d. Palmer suggested that with their wireless, they will extend services to the dorms of the students. Also he said that they are going to get carts which have 15-16 lap tops, and these can be taken into a classroom and used by the class. They are also going to have lap tops at the Library, and students will be able to check out the wireless lap tops for an hour or two to do work - this provides access to students who cannot afford lap tops, and helps to free up the computer labs. This might be something we might consider once we go wireless>


e. Finally, we might consider a faculty mentoring system, where the trained faculty adopt a "newbie" faculty member to train them in webpages, etc.


5. Juan Chacon has helped to develop a "Training Request Form" at



this is now located at http://lamission.org and I have asked Juan if he will place this on our main webpage at http://www.lamission.cc.ca.us


This form will help faculty/staff to request training, and we can then plan training workshops, if needed.


I would suggest we discuss training workshops in our next Staff Development meeting on 11/15/00, since we have no real training going on now at Mission.


6. I would also suggest we set our Spring 2001 goals in our next meeting since we will probably not meet in December ( too close to final exams and the winter break) - so please bring in your ideas about Goals for the Spring 2001 semester. Should we have some "kick off" Flex Day (similar to the Fall Flex Day", of so, when, etc.


7. We also need to plan on sending some of our Committee to the Lake Tahoe 4CSD conference, in April. More details will be provided at the next meeting.


until next update. dj



Staff Development Update 10/06/00


1.here is a message from Sandi, she asked for me to pass along, apparently she cannot "reply all" from her AOL account,



Hi there David,

Maria Fenyes approached me yesterday with a request to do a staff development

presentation with Gerry Scheib on creating overhead transparancies using the

computer and being creative with adding text,, arrows, etc. It sounded very

interesting. That gave me an idea. How about having a series of staff

development presentations titled : INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS. We could

go on to say, are you ready to use new, creative ways of getting your message

across? You get the idea. You could do your study groups, the one you plan

to do in April at Tahoe--you could do a dry run at school before that date.

Then we could ask anyone to share what they have done in their classes that

has turned every student's learning ability around. We talked about this

last semester, but we never started planning it--I told her to write me a


What do you think? Could you pass this on to our S.D. team? Thanks

Have a good week-end. Tomorrow morning is my Alzheimer's Walk.



2. there is a great new, free internet service. you can get it from http://www.findlaw.com (no you do not need to be an attorney or paralegal). I would recommend it to all of your students who would like to get online but not have the $20 per month, also this will help our senior citizens to get online too.


3. since the USER group is no longer in existence, and since there is real frustration amongs the faculty, both on not having computers on their desks (15 or so faculty still do not have computers on their desk), or having vcr's in the classrooms, I made a motion yesterday in the Academic Senate to establish an AD HOC Committee called the Computer and Faculty Resources Ad Hoc Committee.


The purpose of this Committee it to work on getting the computers and VCR's in the classroom. I am not sure if this is a Staff Development activity, or part of the TMI Committee purview, or what. TMI is having a meeting on Tuesday, 11:30 AM in Richard Rain's Physics Lab, Room 1015, and maybe we can work it out there.


4. I have an appointment with Benny Scott on October 11 to discuss the TTIP or Tech 2 moneys, there are $30,000 for Human Resource, and also $25,000 to develop and implement technology planning.


5. I am not sure if the College has any established budgeting procedures for these moneys. The Tech 2 moneys are NOT Staff Development Funds. Instead Staff Development, of course, has input into the process, but it is a COLLEGE governance matter. It seems that we need to link all of these moneys up to some goals, objectives, and assessable outcomes, and I suppose that would come from an integrated and implemented Technology Plan. TMI did vote in a technology plan, on 5/9/00, see it at



Update 10/04/00


1. Well we got some very positive emails on the Speaker's Institute (or whatever we are going to call it), Richard, Sandi, and Jayne all volunteered to make calls. I would suggest that we spread the work over the committee instead of appointing one person. This makes it a lighter loud for all of us.


Jayne suggested we set up a "matrix" or list of who will call who. therefore could you email me with the person or persons you wish to contact, by the way the hypernews discussion set up by Richard would be an excellent way to keep track of all of our contacts, and the status, and will keep a good record, probably better than email, here is the link to use (to post to hypernews, skip the first two boxes, the next box = email, and that is optional, the next box = your name (that is required), the next box = title (again required), the next box = your message (required) and finally click on preview, then on post, and your message is posted. give it a try




2. on the forms, Richard has a form for FIELD TRIPS he will email to me, and I will put it up on http://lamission.org/forms. Also Juan Chacon is working on Acrobat 4.0, a new edition which allows one to write on the forms. Once this new program is tested, we can roll it out, place it on all of the campus computers, and home computers, and do all of our campus forms online. Also Richard came up with the idea of having a box to check for a signature, so we can make the whole process "paperless". We will have to work on this.


3. On the Speakers, Richard suggests we promote the Speakers to our sister colleges, i.e. Valley, Pierce, and City, and that interested faculty, classified, and adminstrators from those colleges might also attend and participate in our Speakers Institute, Great Idea Richard.


4. by the way there is a Staff Development Conference, State Wide, the 4CSD, set for 4/1/00, and I think we should send as many of our Staff Development Committee to that conference. It is in Lake Tahoe.


Here is the latest 4csd newsletter = http://www.4csd.org/html/newsletter.html


Here is a list of the events for last Spring's conference to give you an idea of the great things they cover



I have submitted a request to present. My presentation will be entitled "Online Study Groups and how you can use them in the classroom to improve learning and retention". the website I have set up is located at http://studygroups.itgo.com


5. on another subject, which I know is a hot topic. In the last two weeks or so, our t-1 connection to the internet around 3-5 pm or so has been down. I am not sure the reason. I will put in a helpstar and ask John Beck and his excellent staff to check it out. could be a usage problem which can be easily adjusted.


however, for those of us which update our webpages for our classes, Jaye, Richard, and Doug to mention a few, we are being hamstrung in putting up our materials just before class - which is affecting our classes and students. I would suggest as an interim handle to this, that we have dial up modems installed in our computers (56K modems now run around $50), and be allowed to dial out to the internet during the times that our campus internet is down. I know that this is a very HOT topic, and maybe we should run it through the TMI committee.


6. by the way for your students, there are now two additional free internet services they might consider.


the first is http://address.com, what is good about this service, is it only requires one disk to download from the internet. I have put a link up so you can click on it, put in a single floppy disk, copy the program over to it, and give it to a student so they can take it home to install on their computer. here is the download link



Staff Development Update 10/01/00


1. We now have a student worker Corinne, who is inputing Flex hours for all faculty into a comprehensive excel worksheet. . This was the great idea of Sandi Lampert. Corinne will also be inputing Conference Requests in an excel worksheet so we can better predict and budget those expenses. I would like to be able to give a monthly report to the Faculty Senate on moneys remaining for Conference Requests.


2. Mark Pracher and his student workers are working on a new college webpage, subject, of course to inpu from facutly, classified, staff, and our governance structure. one of the useful items will be a FORMS page. here is a page, http://lamission.org/forms with some forms. Could you think of other forms, and please email me (mailto:abogado@pacbell.net) with any suggestions on new forms, or forms you would like to see online

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