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4-19 SSI Steering Committe Meeting at LACCD

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From: Colombo, Gary (DO) [mailto:GColombo@email.laccd.edu]

Sent: Thu 4/6/2006 12:35 PM

To: Barbato, Louise; Beaulieu, David E.; Clerx, John A.; Colombo, Gary (DO); Harrington, Deborah L.; Johnson-Taylor, Chini; Kinney, Daryl; LaVergne Rosow; Levy, Audre; Marzillier, Leon; McCaslin, Joy; Pai, Edward Y.; Patterson, Abbie; Plotquin, Hector A; Prather, George; Siever, Patricia G.; Tillberg, Rebecca W; Tronto, Carlotta R.; Yepes, Maria E.

Subject: Next (Crucial) SSI Meeting: April 19th


Dear Student Success Steering Committee Members,


Since many of you will be off campus next week, I wanted to get a quick reminder out that we’ve agreed to have our next meeting on “Denim Day”—Wednesday, April 19th, from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in Room 803 at the District Office. Please be sure to mark your calendars now so that you’ll save the time and date. This will be our only meeting prior to our May 5th SSI workshop, and we’ll be discussing some important issues, including the proposal to adopt the CCSSEE or CCSEQ District-wide and the role of SLOs in measuring student success.


Hope you’re doing well in recruiting for folks for May 5th!


Gary C.

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