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11-01-07 minutes

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Minutes of Meeting of 11-07-07


present: Ed Zayas, Yoon Yun, Vilma Bernal, and David Jordan


1. Staff Development Chair David Jordan said that today in the Academic Senate that the membership of the Shared Governance Committees would be confirmed.

2. David Jordan has resigned as soon as a new co-chair is elected to the committee. He will move over to Technology, and Vilma Bernal is moving from Technology over to Staff Development.

3. Leslie Milke of the Shared Governance Task Force reviewed the list of the membership of the Staff Development Committee as follows:


Vilma Bernal - Academic Senate

Yun Yoon - Academic Senate

Stan Levine - AFT

Mike Climo - AFT

Ed Zayas - Administrator and Co-Chair

Linda Schnellenberger - AFT Classified

Morena Escobar - AFT Classified




4. A special meeting will be held for election of a new co-chair, next week, Thursday, 11/8/07 at 12:30 pm in CSB 108.


5. Also in our next meeting the committee will "draw straws" between the 2 AFT appointed members and the 2 Academic Senate appointed members so one will serve a one year term (FY 2008) and the remaining member a two year term (FY2008-2009) to provide more even continuity in the committee membership.


6. An email will be sent to all committee members notifying them of the special co-chair election on Thursday, 11/08/07 at 12:30 pm in CSB 108.


Meeting adjourned



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