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Student Learning Outcomes


Common Assessment by assessing Paraphrasing of Case Statements 


For Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, the entire law/paralegal program with use a Common Assessment Format for  purpose of assessing Student Learning Outcomes


Case Briefs - IRAC vs Paraphrasing

In previous years/semesters we have assessed how our students are doing in briefing law cases through the IRAC method. This semester we will assess the analysis of cases through paraphrasing of  selected (4) four key case statements along with "who won/why" conclusion. A  case related to the subject matter of the class will be assessed by each faculty and the results reported, along with a narrative summary of observations, comparisons with the IRAC assessment, and suggestions for student improvement.


Assessment Format


Our students will review a selected case in each course, and submit paraphrased (in their own words) explanation of the selected (4) four key case statements, along with a conclusion of who won and why.  


Rubric for Assessing Student Submissions

case statement 

Outstanding 1.0




.50 point 

.25 point









who won/why 


Total Points






Criteria for assessment - 70% of a random selection of at least 10 students will achieve an acceptable score of 3 on a scale of 1 to 5


In your SLO report please provide the following:

1. The raw score for each student - name, score and comments (names will be kept confidential)

2. Overall summary of your assessment

3. Observations, Comments on Paraphrasing Assessment

4. Comparison of IRAC Assessment vs. Paraphrasing Assessment

5. Suggestions for improving student achievement in reading and understanding law cases


  • 9/26/16 Common assessment format cases imbedded in each of law class  (these are existing assignments which have been reformated to read and explain case statements. See below cases in your classes. They will open on 10/1 and close on 10/23
  • 10/1 to 10/23 Student submissions  of paraphrased explanations of case statements 
  • 10/23 to 10/30  - Faculty review and score SLO Common Assessment submissions
  • 11/1/16  Faculty submit SLO report
  • 11/20/16 SLO Summary report with overall results, suggestions and recommendations


Here are the Cases in your classes to Assess

cslos cases




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