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Law1 - Fall 2016 - Zaghi

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Orientation Letters - Fall 2016 





Subject: Law

Section: 0356

Name of Class: Business Law 1 

Instructor: Ida Zaghi, Attorney at Law 

About Prof. Z  – http://lamission.edu/~zaghia2

Semester: Fall 2016

Online Class
Class Starting Date: 8/29/16
Class Ending Date:  12/18/16

New Student Checklist 

I am registered, Now What?   

Canvas Overview (Student) - 7 mins video 


Class Description: Study of the fundamental principles of law as they apply in the business world by examining legal rights and remedies, business torts and crimes, contracts, agency, employment, and negotiable instruments.


Textbook: http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks


Syllabus  - http://lamission.org


Student Learning Outcomes: 

1. Brief law cases in contracts including issues related to offer, acceptance, consideration, formation, defenses, breach, and damages.

2. Critically analyze and argue issues of  contracts, the UCC as it applies to contracts for sales of goods, Statute of Frauds, and other defenses, and remedies for breach of contracts. 
3. Prepare legal documents, forms or papers for a various contracts including release and waiver, secured, promissory note, bills of sale, UCC 1 financing statement, Breach of Contract, Computer Software Contract, and create a contract under the "Invent a Product" formatted class assignment - 

Useful links: 
http://lamission.org - http://lamission.edu/law -http://lamission.edu/law/pathways 


Student Services: http://lamission.edu/de/student-services 


Management of Stress and Mental Health






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