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Theater Program Review

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URL for Program Review - http://academic.lamission.edu/uniteffectiveness/?id=jordand

Art Program Review - Spring 2016

Theater - 530

3 Year Plan 

DX - https://www.dropbox.com/home/EPC/art-program%20review-spring2016

Theater Appreciation Exported Program Review


3 year Plan


Theatre: Offer Theatre Arts TMC degreeEnrollment in some of the more specialized courses will be an uphill battle. Currently, there is only one full-time theatre instructor. All related courses have been submitted to and approved by the Curriculum Committee. Pending board approval, which is expected before the end of Spring 2016, the degree will be submitted to the state for approval.  Students can earn certificate and get internships and jobs in the theatre arts. Enrollment in some of the more specialized courses will be an uphill battle. Currently, there is only one full-time theatre instructor. 


Theatre: Offer online classes - 1st online class to be offered in Summer 2016 - Theater Appreciation 100 -


Theatre: Present student-driven theatrical productions each semester. The opening of the new building. Hiring adjunct faculty. Building enrollment. Outreach into the community. 


Theatre: Offer Video for Performance CertificateAcquiring the software and hardware necessary for the courses will take significant funds. Getting enrollment in a new program, in a field that is largely unknown, will be a challenge. 


Enrollment - complete -  Enrollment up to 117 students +23.2 %


Course Completion - complete - 

(Cucuzza 2015) The Successful Course Completion rate fell 21.8% to 60.7%, and the retention rate fell 20%, both below the college average. This can possibly be attributed to a correction in the suspected grade inflation. With 16% fewer A's in the class in Fall 2014, it would be expected that student success and retention would be effected.


(Paulsen 2015) District wide Success is at 71.8% and Retention at 86.6%, LAMC is below the district average. Success is lowest for Hispanic students at 56%. Retention is also lowest for Hispanic students at 73.3%. Success is lowest for two age groups ranging from 25-54 at 50%, retention is lowest for ages 35-54 at 50%. Success for female students is lower than male students at 55.2%, retention is also lower for female students at 68.7%. Success and Retention by primary language show Spanish speaking lowest. 

AA degrees -  

(Cucuzza 2015) The TMC degree has been approved by the Curriculum Committee and will be sent to the state in the coming months. We hope to begin offering classes for this degree in Spring 2016.


We have submitted a TMC degree for Theatre. Some classes have not been approved yet and it still is not submitted to the state. There are six courses stuck in the "back log"  

SLO Update - complete -  

(Paulsen 2015) New full-time faculty is working to assess all classes offered to bring assessment up to date.


(Paulsen) Courses with out all SLOs assessed have not been offered on a regular basis. The Theater 300 instructor did not submit and assessment, despite a hands on workshop with the department chair. Theater faculty need to move through the sequence and assess all SLOs for each course. (Paulsen)

Advisory -  complete - no advisory yet.

(Cucuzza 2015) An advisory board will be assembled in Fall 2015 to discuss a future Video for Performance certificate. 


FTES -   complete - 

(Paulsen 2015) FTES rose 47.4% due to offering more sections.


(Paulsen 2014) FTES rose due to High School Classes. We will make our best efforts to improve the theater discipline given the resources that we have, we will continue to request to pilot courses and introduce new classes as the college is able. 

FTEF -  complete - 

(Cucuzza 2015) With the hiring of myself as the full time theatre faculty member, all adjuncts hours have been decreased to zero. (Paulsen) We will need to replace our FT faculty member. In the meantime, we are hiring adjuncts to fill the increase in hours to Theater.


Average Class size -  complete - class size - 23.4 in flu 2015 vs. 36.6 college average., up 51% from Spring 2015 - resulted in hire of new Full Time Faculty

Use of Technology - 

Arts, Media & Performance Department; and Multimedia and Theater disciplines have Facebook pages used to promote the department and disciplines.


The majority of our instructors utilize smart classroom media, such as PowerPoint and Video. Several classes are taught on-line or use an on-line course management system as a supplemental tool. Some faculty post class info. in detail on their faculty web-page.


Multimedia and Theater uses high-tech cameras, lights and audio for classes and productions.



Curriculum - 

complete - all curriculum up to date. TA 100 and TA 200  recently aligned with C-ID. All classes pertaining to TMC degree has been approved by Curriculum Committee and will soon be submitted to State.  


Annual Planning


Complete. New FT faculty member has stabilized the theater discipline. The TMC degree is progress. The new building will provide the theater discipline with a venue for performance by their students.



Unit Strenghs, Challenges 


New FT faculty has completed his first semester. TA291 Rehearsals and Performances has been approved by Curriculum and will be added to the college schedule.  Theater is an expensive program and needs specialized facilities to be provided by the new building.  


Objectives and Resource Requests - complete



1. What is strategy for funding of the Theater Art program facilities required in the new AMP building?

2. What is progress on TMC, and how will that assist the program? 

3. What is progress on stated 3 year plans?







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