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How to Get Started in our Paralegal Program


Once you have decided to sign-up for our program take the following steps:

1. Enroll at Mission College - http://cccapply.org - fill in the application. Within 72 hours you will be isued a Student ID Number - 88 - xxx - xxxx. Go back to the cccapply site an pick up your student ID # - check out Help if you have any problems -  https://secure.cccapply.org/help/tech_support.asp

2.  Go to the Status of Courses at Mission - and select which classes are available  

3.  Go to the Student Information Sytem  and add your classes - see  http://lamission.edu/students/


4. If you are a new student  follow the "New Student Check List"  


5. Once you are registered then follow these steps -  I am registered, NOW WHAT ? 

6.  Contact your instructor if you have questions about your class -see http://lamission.edu/law/lawfaculty.htm 

7.  Read the Syllabus for all our classes

8.  Purchase your Textbooks  

Additional Resources

Please read the following links, print out any useful information, and set up a 3 ring binder to have "at hand" -

1. Read typical day in the life of an online student (click here).  

read Prof J's Blogs (recent updates about important information for students in the paralegal program (click here). Also read Paralegal Jobs Blog (click here) - this will update you on getting a paralegal job once you graduate with your certificate
 Read about legal research (click here), also learn about citations (click here), and how to brief law cases (click here). Read "How to Study Law (click here), Good Legal Writing (click here), and Readling like a Lawyer (click here)

2.  Read the Paralegal Program Objectives (click here) and Student Learning Outcomes. Read "How to Improve your Quiz Scores" (this is for Quizzes in Law 1, 2, 10, and 10) (click here), and then read our Policy on Appeals on Disputed Questions (click here).

3.   Check out Lecture outlines - (click here), powerpoint slides -(click here), Emmanuel Summary of Law - (click here)   ** only for Law 1, 11, 12, 16, and 19

4. Bookmark Law Dictionary - (click here) click here

5. Read Our Policy on Plagiarism -(click here) click here, Our Program embraces "Academic Honesty and Integrity" - (click here

6. Look at Paralegal Certificate - (click here) and also our online certificate - (click here

7. Look at Mission College webpage - (click here) and look at Students - (click here), look at student information system - (click here

8. Familiarize yourself with the Important Dates for the College, and your classes. (click here

9. Please be respectful to your instructor and other students. Please do not abuse the etudes message system when you are using it in the classroom. It is a privilege and not a right. Please carefully read the Standards of Student Conduct - (click here). Read Students Rights and Responsibilities (click here).

Nice having you all as students. Welcome Aboard. Work hard, and enjoy your classes. Do not hesitate to email your online instructor if you have any questions. 

Enjoy your classes.   


Prof J.
email me  at abogado@pacbell.net or jordandc@lamission.edu or call me on my cell phone at 818-415-2015 if you have any questions.



Watch these two videos to explain more about our program.


About our Program



View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo









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