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Law 13-Fall2016

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Orientation Letters - Fall 2016



Subject:  LAW 

Section:   0351

Name of Class:  Law 13 - Wills, Trusts & Probate Administration 

Instructor:  Elise Lampert, JD

Email:   http://lamission.edu/~lamperel

Class website:  http://lamission.edu/canvas

Semester: Fall 2016

This class is entirely online 


Syllabus - http://lamission.org

Class Starting Date: 8/29/16
Class Ending Date:  12/18/16
New Student Checklist (Links to an external site.) 

I am registered, Now What? (Links to an external site.)   

 (Links to an external site.)Canvas Overview (Student) - 7 mins video   

Class Description:  Study of the law of wills and trusts, including simple wills, codicils, trust forms, living trusts, pourover wills, advance directives, powers of attorney, guardianship, conservatorship, caretakers, basic estate planning life estates, disposition of property outside probate, tax issues, and life insurance trusts  


Syllabus - http://lamission.org   

Student Learning Outcomes: 


1. Brief law cases in wills and trusts including living wills, living trusts, guardianships and convervatorships.

2. Critically analyze and argue issues of wills, trusts, living trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, and estate planning devices.


3. Prepare legal documents, forms or papers for a simple and complex will, a trust, living trust, health care and advance directives, along with conservatorships and guardianships, and powers of attorney.

Student Services: http://lamission.edu/de/student-services

Management of Stress and Mental Health 

DSPS - http://lamission.edu/dsps








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