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Law 17 - 0376

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Orientation Letters - Law - Spring 2016 



Spring 2016
Subject:  LAW 

Section:  0376

Name of Class:  Law 17 - Legal Writing 


Email:   http://lamission.edu/~jordandc

Class website: https://myetudes.org/portal
Semester: Spring 2016
Class Starting Date: 2/8/16
Class Ending Date: 6/5/16
New Student Checklist

I am registered, Now What? New Icon

Class Description:

Study of legal drafting and writing including writing case briefs, demand letters, legal memoranda, motions, pleadings, and writing a legal research paper.

Textbook: http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks


Syllabus - Spring 2016 (under construction)

Student Learning Outcomes: 

1. Brief law cases in various legal subjects to improve students' understanding of the law and improve their legal analysis, argumentation, and legal writing required by a paralegal in a law firm.  

2. Critically analyze and argue issues of various legal subjects and topics as listed in #1 above. 

3. Prepare legal documents, forms or papers including a legal demand letter, a legal memorandum, various types of motions, a mandatory settlement conference, trial brief, and other legal documents required by a paralegal in a law office.  

Also students will prepare a final legal research and writing paper.


See format of the paper

at http://profjordan.pbworks.com/format . The final legal writing and research paper will be in the form of a position or argumentative paper. It will train the student in legal analysis, finding of law cases, and improving legal argumentation.  The paper will be graded by using the following grading rubric -http://missionparalegal.pbworks.com/rubric-finalpaper


Students will various cases and write a case brief demonstrating their understanding and application of the essential facts and rules of law and legal principles of the case. see case brief rubric at http://missionparalegal.pbworks.com/briefing


Initial Instructions for beginning of class: (cannot login until class starts)

Step 1: New student orientation video - http://usdegreeonline.wlac.edu/pages/129.asp
Step 2: Login at https://myetudes.org/portal
Step 3: login name is your student id # (example 881234567 (no spaces/dashes)

Step 4: Password is Month and Day of birthday: EX. : Jan. 14 then is "0114" - once you login, you will create a more secure password
Step 5: any problems - follow steps to reset password/update your account/submit help request - http://lamission.edu/online

Useful links: http://lamission.org - http://lamission.edu/law -http://lamission.edu/law/pathways 


Student Services: http://lamission.edu/de/student-services


Management of Stress and Mental Health


DSPS - http://lamission.edu/dsps





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