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Law2 3320

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Orientation Letters - Law - Spring 2016





Spring 2016
Subject:  LAW 

Section: 3320 

Name of Class:  Business Law II

Instructor:  Valerie Lopez, JD

Email:   http://lamission.edu/~lopezvs

On Campus: class meets Tuesdays: 6:50 - 8:15 pm - CMS 004

Class website:  https://myetudes.org/portal
Semester: Spring 2016
Class Starting Date: 2/8/16
Class Ending Date: 6/5/16
New Student Checklist

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Class Description: 

Further study of the fundamental principles of law as they apply in the business world. Examines bailment, the rights and liabilities of agent, principles and liabilities of agent, principles and third parties, partnerships, corporations, stockholders, negotiable instruments and securities.

Textbook: http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks


Syllabus - Spring 2016 (under construction)

Student Learning Outcomes: 

1. Brief law cases in partnerships and corporations, including other types of business entities, such as LLC and LLP, corporate fiduciary problems, conflict of interests, inside trading, and securities violations.
2.  Critically analyze and argue issues of partnerships, corporations, other entities such as a LLC or LLP, corporate mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duties, and security violations.
3. Prepare legal documents, forms or papers for a simple and complex partnership agreement, forms related to a LLC and a LLP, and all of the corporate forms, documents, bylaws, minutes, issuance of shares, and the 1st meeting of the corporation related to incorporating a California Corporation.


Initial Instructions for beginning of class: (cannot login until class starts)

Step 1: New student orientation video - http://usdegreeonline.wlac.edu/pages/129.asp
Step 2: Login at https://myetudes.org/portal
Step 3: login name is your student id # (example 881234567 (no spaces/dashes)

Step 4: Password is Month and Day of birthday: EX. : Jan. 14 then is "0114" - once you login, you will create a more secure password
Step 5: any problems - follow steps to reset password/update your account/submit help request - http://lamission.edu/online

Useful links: http://lamission.org - http://lamission.edu/law -http://lamission.edu/law/pathways 


Student Services: http://lamission.edu/de/student-services


Management of Stress and Mental Health


DSPS - http://lamission.edu/dsps





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