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email to class - 12-29-15

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emails w16


Good morning class, 

 Later today I will open up our etudes classroom.

At that time you can login, and go ahead and post your introduction to class.

I have also opened up the first two weeks of "class discussions" and you can get going on those.

The class is divided into 4 parts

1. quizzes - multiple choice - 20 questions - each worth 100 points - 15 quizzes -1500 points or 30% of your grade. These quizzes come from the authors of your textbook. The first and second week quizzes will not be opened until January 3rd, Sunday. 

2. case problems and contracts  - 15 - each work 100 points - 1500 points, plus 5 contracts - 100 points each or 500 points for total of 2000 points or 40% of your grade

3. Class Discussions - there are a total of 10 plus the intro to class - you are required to post an original post and a follow up post to each forum. total points 750 or 15% of your grade

4. Final Contract project - total of 750 points or 15% of your grade

I have updated our http://lamission.org site and you can get a "head start" on your class case problems on Chapters 11 and 12 by reading the case problems, watching the videos, looking at the whiteboards and the team presentations from our Fall 2015 on campus students. These should all help you understand the cases.

I know it sounds like a lot of work. It is in just a short 5 weeks. But I know you can do it. 

We have found our Winter - 5 week Bus. Law class students perform better than our fall and spring students because they are highly motivated and "stay on top" of all of their assignments.

Email me if you have any questions.

I hope to open up etudes by 5 pm this afternoon, and will email you when it is open.

Prof J. 

here is updated lamission.org site




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BusLaw-Index-13th ed

Buslaw-Index-12th ed

Winter 2016 

 email Prof J - greatlawteacher@gmail.com
Call Prof J. - 818-415-2015  



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