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Discussion Forums

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case problems  quizzes contracts  discussions  final contract project 


10 Forum Class Discussions - Total required one original post, one comment, and one question each week for the




All posts to forums are to be made under Canvas discussions and not here

 Rules, Guidelines and how Forums will be graded 

Rules: - login on each Monday to your discussions in canvas, and then post your first post by Weds. every week, then allow others to post to the forums, and come back to post one follow up comment to another student (not just I agree, but one with more substance and analysis) (like a class conversation or discussion) to others posts (click on "quote" - next to their reply, and you can then comment on their thoughts. 10 forums - 1 ORIGINAL AND ONE FOLLOW UP - total of 20 posts.

The forums are open just for two weeks each - see schedule before, so please post during those periods.

Guidelines - be polite and respectful of others. Remember "Reasonable minds can differ" . Impolite, rude, and inappropriate comments are not allowed, and will be removed, and the offending student warned to comply with student rules on conduct. (see student discipline policy at LAMC)

Grading of Forums - Each forum is not graded individually. Instead, it is the overall participation (i.e. number of posts) that is graded as "class participation".  Your instructor (Prof J) will not be actively participating in your class discussions.  It is primarily a place to discuss legal issues amongst yourselves related to the subject matter of our class, i.e. Business Law and contracts. 

At the end of the session, your number of posts will be computed, and your grade (15% of your final grade), calculated as follows:

A - 90-100% - 20 + posts - 750 points
B - 80 - 89% - 16 -19 posts - 600 points
C - 70 - 79% - 14 - 17  posts - 525 points
D - 60 - 69% - 12- 13  posts - 450 points
F - 59 % and below - 11 posts or below - 0 - 449 points


Week 1 
#0 - Introduce yourself to the class  
#1- Law Study  

Week 2
 #2 - Unilateral Offers and Consideration  
 #3 - "Subjective Intent

Week 3
 #4 - "Offers v Preliminary Negotiations" 

 #5 - "Online Transactions

Week 4

 #6 - "Recent Breach of Contract Cases"  
 #7 - "The Fraud Disease"  
 #8 - "Strategic Misrepresentation or Misrepresentation by Silence"  

 #9 - Trial Court Read too much into the Contract  
#10 - Exculpatory Clause Violates Public Policy  



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