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how to login to canvas

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settings canvas


Just a reminder, here are directions to logging into your canvas account.

Here is the link to the directions to change Notifications in Canvas.  This allows faculty to set a different email address from the one uploaded.https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-1285


Here are the directions for logging into @faculty.laccd.edu accounts.  


District Email for Faculty โ€“ New โ€“ part of the student email system โ€“ Office 365

ยท         Default / initial login id/password configurationo   Login at http://www.outlook.com/laccd.eduo   Login id = your normal SAP Portal account username + @faculty.laccd.edu [i.e. SmithJo@faculty.laccd.eduo   Temporary password = 8 + your 2-digit birth month [i.e. May = 05] + the first letter of last name (i.e. Lee) + last 4 digits of SSN [ i.e. ***-**-2345] = Ex: 805L2345

o   The password is case sensitive.

  • You will be asked to reset your password at first login

Here is a link to great canvas tutorial/resources (I recommend you bookmark this page!)https://community.canvaslms.com/welcome



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